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Timothy P. York

Assistant Professor
Departments of Human and Molecular Genetics & Pharmacy

Tel: 804 828 8757
Fax: 804 828 1471
P.O. Box:
Biotech 1-149

My interests are in the application and development of statistical genetic methodology to quantify the contribution of genetic and environmental sources to complex traits, human disease and development. Recognizing that phenotypic variation as explained by genetic factors (eg., SNPs) is mitigated by several intervening biological layers, currently funded grants and recent work involve the measurement of epigenetic, gene expression, proteomic, blood biomarkers and chromosomal signatures. Studies focus on identifying robust (and most importantly 'useable') information from the large number of measurements derived from these experiments using cross-platform data integration methods to reduce the dimensionality of the state space to gain leverage for the identification of antecedents of human disease and consequences from adverse environmental exposures. The aim of a recently awarded a grant from the National Institute on Aging is to measure epigenetic changes and cytogenetic markers of DNA damage in adult monozygotic twins that differ for exposure to childhood sexual abuse (CSA). Since CSA is associated with the development of several forms of adult psychopathology, this study will provide insight on the enduring effects this chronic stressor on cellular function and provide clues to later disease development. Involvement in other currently funded projects include Racial differences in genetic and environmental factors of preterm birth (PI: York, NCMHD); Mechanisms of fetal membrane rupture (PI: Strauss, NICHD); Aging and genomic changes: role of environment/genetics (PI: Jackson-Cook, NIEHS); Developmental models of gene-environment interplay in SUDs (PI: Costello, NIDA); and The vaginal microbiome: disease, genetics and the environment (PI: Buck, NIAID). Research opportunities exist for graduate students and post-docs in most all of these ongoing projects.


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