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Michael C. Neale

Department of Psychiatry and Human Genetics

Tel: 804 828 3369
Fax: 804 828 1471
P.O. Box:
Biotech 1-115

My research is centered on the development and application of statistical methods for the analysis of genetically informative data. In the 1990's I developed the widely used package Mx, which combines a matrix algebra interpreter and a numerical optimizer in order to fit a structural equation and other statistical models to different types of data. More recently the software has been rewritten as OpenMx an open source R package, which facilitates automation and parallel computation. These features are very useful in the analysis of large and complex datasets, such as those from magnetic resonance imaging studies of twins, or of SNPs in genome-wide association studies. Accordingly, my research spans computer science, developing statistical models, genomics and how these fields can best be combined to yield insights into individual differences in behavioral and psychological processes and outcomes. My primary substantive interests are the use and abuse of drugs, psychiatric disorders and brain structure and function. However, I have collaborated on studies of many other phenotypes, disorders and outcomes. Another general area of interest is the translation of genetic, familial and other risk factors into electronic medical records and physician advisers to implement personalized medicine.


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