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TC 2012 - OpenMx

Topics for March 2012 Workshop
Website: OpenMx

Number Lecture Topic Presentation Notes and Examples
1 Introduction to R Revised R for OpenMx Reference Key
2 Introduction to OpenMx Revised Introduction of the Documentation New Beginners Guide Script
Alternative Approaches Script
3 Matrix Algebra & Optimization Matrix Algebra
4 Saturated Twin Modeling Univariate Twin Saturated Continuous Data -Matrix
Univariate Twin Saturated Binary Data -Matrix
Univariate Twin Saturated Ordinal Data -Matrix
5 Univariate Twin Modeling Univariate Twin Continuous -Matrix
Univariate Twin Binary -Matrix
Univariate Twin Ordinal -Matrix
6 Heterogeneity Twin Modeling
ACE 5 group graph ADE 5 group graph
Heterogeneity Twin Continuous 4 groups -Matrix
Heterogeneity Twin Continuous 5 groups -Matrix
7 Moderated Twin Modeling Moderated Twin Continuous -Matrix
8 Bivariate Twin Modeling Bivariate Twin Continuous -Matrix
9 Multivariate Twin Modeling IP graph CP graph Multivariate Twin Continuous -Matrix
10 Developmental Twin Modeling Developmental Twin Continuous -Matrix
11 Helper Functions Gen Epi Helper Functions

Old Text: Methodology for Genetic Studies of Twins and Families by Neale & Cardon, 1992 revision PDF of Neale & Maes book
Old Classic Mx Manual: Mx: Statistical Modeling by Neale, Boker, Xie & Maes, 2006 PDF of Mx manual

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