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Lindon J Eaves

Distinguished Professor
Departments of Human Genetics and Psychiatry
Director, Virginia Institute for Psychiatric and Behavioral Genetics

Tel: 804 828 8155
Fax: 804 828 8801
P.O. Box:
Biotech 1-156

Lindon Eaves' interests embrace, but are not confined to, the study of human variation, with particular focus on human behavior and its disorders. His research encompasses the development of mathematical models that reflect competing theories of the causes and familial transmission of human human differences, the design of studies for the resolution, analytical methods for parameter estimation and hypothesis-testing and application to substantive questions about specific human traits.
He has played a significant part in the development and application of a variety of research designs that include the extended kinships of twins, including the parents, spouses and offspring of twins, and longitudinal studies of twins and their parents and developing some of the first methods for the structural analysis of multivariate genetic data to analyze directional patterns of causation. His work on characterizing the roles of genes and environment in the processes of human development, mate selection, social interaction and parent-offspring transmission includes the study of the major behavioral and mood disorders of childhood and adolescence, personality and social attitudes throughout the lifespan, substance use disorders, protective and predisposing risk factors for behavioral and other clinical outcomes. Much of this work is illustrated in some 300 publications over a forty-year research career.


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